Start the Conversation about Men’s Depression

Campaign wants to help men talk about their feelingsThe ‘Man Up’ campaign is encouraging men to talk about their feelings…

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, November 2, 2016


One in ten men will experience severe depression in their lives.

On average, 8 men take their lives through suicide every day in Canada and more men died of suicide in 2011 than car accidents, homicide, and HIV combined. Middle aged men are at a higher risk of suicide than any other group, including teenagers and young adults.

Men’s mental health is a serious problem, but they continue to be excluded from information and prevention programs.

Men are socialized to be strong, stoic, and unemotional. Because of this, they tend to mask depression with in a variety of ways, often with self-destructive behaviours like alcohol and drug abuse, violence, and hostility or isolation in their relationships. Depressive tendencies go undiagnosed and can manifest in a number of ways, both physically and mentally. The most serious consequence of this is suicide.

The following articles and websites provide a lot of information on male depression and suicide in Canada. We encourage you to learn more about this “hidden epidemic,” let’s open up the conversation!

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