On the Front Lines

Our Staff

Jessica Synnott
Interim Executive Director
Florence Agnesi
Finance Manager
Marie-Claude Brière
Project Manager - Frozen Meals Feasibility Study
Tanya Kennedy
Clerical Support
Angelina Leggo
Communications Coordinator
Stephanie Bond
Proejct Coordinator
Tracey Jones
McGill Project Coordinator
Patricia Dussureault
Second Souffle Coordinator, MRC du Rocher Percé
Amie Chicoine
Health Promotions Project Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

Tony Conoley
Larry English
Robert Daniel
Board Member
Debrah Adams
Board Member
Daniel Bourgouin
Board Member
Sandy Vibert
Board Member
Nancy Briand
Board Member
Cheryl Henry-Leggo
Carla Shaw
Michelle Sinnett