‘I AM ME’ educates and inspires children and youth to improve their self-esteem through encouraging positive body image.

The most recent project associated with ‘I AM ME’ is the Mini Mag, a collaborative effort between Vision, the CHSSN, the CISSS, the Gaspésie Literacy Council, and the Eastern Shores School Board. The Mini Mag is a small magazine that touches on subjects relevant to students. Issues of the magazine are available for download here.

Another I AM ME project consisted of videos featuring local students holding up posters with empowering slogans and messages that describe what they like about themselves. So far, three videos have been produced, one for each of the three English schools in the Gaspé-Percé area. These videos are available for viewing at the bottom of the page. Each video has its own unique twist:

  • Gaspé Elementary School, as the first school to produce a video, created the template
  • Belle Anse School added bilingual posters to their video
  • The Gaspé Polyvalent students recorded their own music to accompany their images

In addition to the videos and the Mini Mag, Vision has been providing body image and self-esteem workshops in an effort to inform students of how unrealistic standards of beauty are today, to help them see the beautiful side of themselves, to encourage them to focus on internal rather than external beauty, and to remind them of how people are important, unique, and beautiful because of who they are and what they can do. Vision has distributed bracelets with the slogan ‘I AM ME’ inscribed on them as a constant reminder of these values.

Vision has been running the ‘I AM ME’ campaign in partnership with our schools since 2014.




Gaspé Elementary

Belle Anse