I AM ME Update!

Amie Chicoine, our Youth Health Promotions Project Coordinator, has been really busy since joining us in January!

One of the projects she’s been working on is the advancement of Vision’s I AM ME program in our local schools. Videos were shown at several grade levels at Gaspé Elementary and Belle Anse Schools and in Secondary 1 and 2 at the Gaspé Polyvalent discussing body image and positive messages.

At the each level, the videos were discussed through an activity, followed by some easy yoga poses. In the Kindergarten classes, the students read a book instead of watching a video. Each student had their picture taken, printed, and stuck to a colored piece of paper (the younger grades drew a picture of themselves instead).  Then each student passed their photo around the class and everyone was asked to write two positive comments on the paper: one about their physical appearance and one about a non-physical quality.

At the end of the activity,each student was encouraged to take their picture home and put it somewhere easily accessible. That way, when they’re having a bad day or they’re feeling down on themselves, they can look over this keepsake and remind themselves of all the good that others see in them.

Want to know more about I AM ME projects? Follow this link!

Here are some pictures from the event, the yoga poses that were practiced, and the videos that were shown.

BelleAnseMyBodyIsAwesome BelleAnseYoga


FullSizeR IMG_5663