I AM ME Mini Mag

Recently distributed at the high school for the first time, the I AM ME Mini Mag is the latest installment of Vision’s I AM ME project. We are partnering with the CHSSN, the CISSS, and the ESSB to write, design, and produce the magazines for high school students.

The Mini Mag is just that – a mini magazine filled with useful tips, quotes, and articles on self-esteem awareness, online safety, career exploration, and more. Beginning with the second issue, students will have the opportunity to send any questions they may have to Vision and have them answered by an expert in a following issue.

The motivation behind the Mini Mag is to make relevant information accessible to today’s teenagers; too often, the idea that “everything is online” can actually lead to misinformation or information overload. The Mini Mag is designed to draw attention to important topics and provide helpful tips. It also gives students an anonymous way to ask questions and have them answered by an expert without fear of reprisal from their peers, their families, or their community. We can be reached through e-mail: visiongaspeperce@gmail.com, via Facebook Messenger, or by phone 418-368-3212. Your confidentiality is assured!

The Mini Mag will soon be available online through Vision’s website – keep an eye out!

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from Issue 1.


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