Gaspé Library English Book Club

The Gaspé Library English Book Club starts up again on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at 1:30. Any and all are welcome!

The group meets upstairs at the Gaspé Library (“Biblio”, next to the Brise Bise steps), has afternoon tea, and chats about books.  The library is closed to the general public at that time, but attendees will still be able to return and take out books and new library  members can join.

Now back on the winter schedule, the library is open Mondays 2:00-5:00Wednesdays 2:00-5:00 and 6:30-8:00Fridays 6:30-8:00, and Saturdays 10:00-1:00.  The book-return chute by the door is always open.

Over the summer, the library was hopping with the children’s book club and families with children on holiday.  Now, the theme displays are about “back to school” and paper sculpture.  The library Facebook page shows the schedule and news of activities and closures.

Up-to-date English books are being added all the time, please pass the word to potential readers!  All local services are free. If you have any questions or comments feel to contact Tracy Wolfe at or 418-368-3005.

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