Expressions of Gaspé History

Expressions of Gaspé History – Student Art Competition

This competition is designed to encourage and foster artistic outlets for students in the elementary and secondary schools in our area by having them engage in their cultural history.  This competition will celebrate the history of the Gaspé Peninsula through various art forms.

Students are invited to put forward a submission to be judged by a panel of local artists. There will be two prizes offered in each of the three schools.  There are two categories and students will be permitted to submit an entry in both categories:

Category 1: Drawing, painting, photo, sculpture, mosaic, poem, short prose (short story), or other.

Category 2: Video, original musical recording, or other audio-visual art.

The competition will conclude with compiling and publishing the artistic and written submissions into a final book, to be distributed in the community. The audiovisual submissions will be published online through Vision’s YouTube channel.

We will introduce the competition at the beginning of October with a deadline for submissions in early January.

Between October and December we will host a number of workshops to teach students about the culture and history of their community, featuring individuals and organizations that have expertise in specific topics such as music and story-telling.

For more information, please contact Amie Chicoine through email at or by phone at 418-368-3212. Vision also has a resource page, find it here.

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