Expressions of Gaspé History: Participants and Winners!!!

The Expressions of Gaspé History Project was a great success!

This project encouraged students to engage with different artistic forms and to interpret the history of their communities in a new and innovative way. In total, 25 students from Belle Anse, Gaspé Elementary, and Gaspé Polyvalent participated in the project.  Five students from each school were chosen from a random draw to receive a series of gift cards as a prize. Their names and pictures are showcased below.

Vision received submissions in the following genres of art:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Mandalas
  • Videos
  • Photographs

We would like to take this opportunity to offer a huge thank you to all of the students who participated, to all of the parents, teachers, and principals who generously supported the students in creating their art projects, and to the members of the community who contributed to the production of the book.

The Expressions of Gaspé History book will be available for purchase soon. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward supporting extra-curricular activities in our schools.


Participants and Winners:

Belle Anse participants and winners (from left to right): Wyatt Lemieux, Cole Lucas, Alyssa Perron, Connor Boyle, Dylan Lemieux

Gaspé Elementary participants (from left to right): Nathan Roberts, Ethan Patterson, Cole Fournier, Devon Smith-Bouchard, Lennon Reinders, Chetna Thibault, Rikki-Lee Thibault (missing: Kayden Giffard & Austin Vezina)

Winners: Cole Fournier, Ethan Patterson, Devon Smith-Bouchard, Chetna Thibault (missing: Austin Vezina)

Gaspé Polyvalent participants (from left to right): Falan Jean, Hannah Rehel, Courtney Touzel, Cassie Henry, Mila Johnson, Sabrina Jean, Brittany Adams, Rebecca Vibert, Madison Dorion, Marc-Olivier Curadeau, Kelsey Bourgaize

Winners: Hannah Rehel, Mila Johnson, Brittany Adams, Marc-Olivier Curadeau, Kelsey Bourgaize

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