Dream Boards a Huge Success!

This past Saturday, March 11, Vision hosted a Dream Boards activity in partnership with CASA, through the PAELE program. This was a collaborative effort between Amie Chicoine, Vision’s new Health Promotions Coordinator, and Lisa Bond, who works with PAELE.

This was Amie’s first event and it was undoubtedly a resounding success! Approximately 40 kids participated in the event from 0-12, crafting posters that described who they were and who they wanted to be, promoting their self-awareness, self-esteem, and goal-building skills. Here are some of the positive comments that came from parents:

  • We enjoyed our afternoon! There were so many possibilities with the sensory craft group!
  • It was fantastic, Amie Chicoine and Lisa Bond, thanks for organizing such a great activity!
  • A big thanks goes out to you ladies, Amie Chicoine & Lisa Bond. You’ve done a wonderful job. Great idea! The kids loved it & had a great time. The girls are proud to have their dream boards posted on their bedroom walls.
  • Thank you so much Lisa Bond and Amie Chicoine for hosting an incredible, fun-filled event for the whole family this afternoon! Inspiring Arts and crafts, community connecting and healthy snacks included! You guys deserve an award!

To view some pictures of the event, please follow this link!

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