Caregiver Week 2016

Caregiver’s Week is a time to recognize the hard work you do as a caregiver, find the tools you need to take care of yourself while taking care of someone else, and take a moment of respite for yourself.

Vision has offered a number of services and activities during this week. On this page you can peruse the pictures and videos from our successful Caregiver’s Week! Please don’t hesitate to contact the Vision office for more information on the help that is available to you. You can also visit our website here for more information.

A video of Mme Thérèse, from the Rocher-Percé area, sharing her experience of participating in the Caregiver workshops with Karine Laroque can be found here

A video of Télé-Gaspé’s coverage of the information session “Taking Care of You” can be found here.


Activités Proches-aidants/Caregivers Activities, Rocher-Percé

November 8th and 9th, 2016

Taking Care of You - Gaspé Caregivers Information session

November 9, 2016

Alzheimer's Society Forum

November 11, 2016